Online agents’ low fees DO attract consumers – but so do their promises of customer service

A new report by a review site has found that over half (52%) of consumers are happy with estate agents.

They said the last estate agent they used was efficient and effective.

The proportion compares with 12% who said their last agent failed to deliver.

The report was based on a small sample of just 1,152 people, but reveals what Feefo describes as “a startlingly positive set of attitudes” towards estate agents.

When asked what it was about agents that respondents rated most, the largest group (44%) said it was the speed with which queries were answered.

Asked about the choice between traditional and online agents, 35% said low fees were the primary attraction of the latter – but almost the same proportion (34%) put customer service as the most important factor to influence their choice of an online agent.

Irrespective of the type of business model, the biggest influence in choice was the feeling that the consumer could trust the agent.

Recommendations from family and friends were the second most important factor in choosing an agent.

Online reviews of agents were rated as the important influence by only 10% of participants, but the proportion rose to 24% of the under-24s. Reviews were also rated as the most important influence by more tenants than buyers, sellers and landlords.

While online reviews may not have been generally rated as the most important influence in choosing an agent, nevertheless 56% of respondents say they read them before making a decision.

The proportion rose to 70% in the 25 to 34-year age group, falling to 40% in the over-55s.


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  1. Curious george

    Am I doing something wrong or can you not search for estate agents on feefo?

  2. Edgar

    You used to be able to, but they’ve recently launched a new site and that bit has disappeared. Try Googling “estate agents”

  3. Cardiff Agent

    The 34% that would choose an on-line Lister for ‘Customer Service’ are going to be somewhat disappointed!


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