New property portal gets backing from LendInvest

Mortgages business LendInvest has announced a strategic alliance with Plentific, a property portal that launched last year using listings provided by Zoopla.

LendInvest co-founders Christian Faes and Ian Thomas have participated in Plentific’s most recent fundraising round and Faes has become a director of Plentific, representing the angel and venture capital investors in the business.

Plentific was founded by former investment bankers and property developers Cem Savas and Emre Kazan to offer more than listings.

Free to home buyers, the site offers a tool called a milestone tracker designed to guide them through the entire process.

There are also features allowing users to work out travel time from the property to places of work, likely mortgage requirements and costs, and the ability to contact the agent. Users can also access mortgage and legal advice, and “property coaches” – or buyer’s agents. The site makes its money when users sign up to any one of these.

Faes, from LendInvest, which is a global peer-to-peer lending platform and also one of the UK’s biggest buy-to-let lenders, said: “We have seen a gap in the online property portal market in the UK for a long time, and Plentific are directly targeting this gap.

“Plentific brings together a much deeper level of information for property investors than the other property listings sites.

“There is a natural overlap between LendInvest’s users (for both borrowers and investors) and Plentific’s users, and this strategic alliance is one that we’re very excited about.”

Savas, from Plentific, said: “We really like the guys at LendInvest and what they are doing for the UK mortgage market. They are applying technology to disrupt the property market, very much in the same way that we are seeking to do at Plentific.

“This alliance makes a lot of sense for us and we look forward to rolling out a range of collaborations with LendInvest in the near future.”

The Plentific website is here

The LendInvest website is here


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  1. Jonnie

    Right, hands up who thinks this is a lemon that don’t take off? – Jonnie

    1. RealAgent

      Although on the other hand Lend- in- vest could well be popular with our friends up- North!


  2. Trevor Mealham

    Plentific listings are provided by Zoopla. The fear must be if the model becomes successful and Zoopla replicated it.

    Zoopla supplying content could also cease or delay content (properties) which if content driven is a dangerous model to build on.

  3. garret

    Personally, I’m too stupid to fully appreciate all the magnificent features Plentific bring. Without meaning to be disrespectful, I hazard that much of the public will feel the same way.


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