Picture of the Week: And – curses! – it’s mirrors, mirrors everywhere

Picture of the week – and behold, the curse of the bathroom mirror strikes again.

And indeed, not just the bathroom mirror but the bedroom mirror too.

Oh, and the one in the hall.

Altogether four pictures in a slideshow of ten show the photographer, which we think must be a record.

But of course, it’s no reflection of the splendid pictures your own agency takes.




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  1. sb007ck

    Looks like they had to have a couple of goes at taking these photos as 2 of these are either taken by different women or the same woman wearing different clothes, or maybe one by the homeowner.

    Mirrors are a notorious problem for us taking photos, but one we have to get around!

  2. Blue

    Every one easily avoided.

  3. NickTurner

    Doesn’t it reflect badly on the agent involved. The person taking the pictures is not experienced and/or has not been trained; the person uploading the pictures and what appears on the sales particulars.

    Just because it’s quicker to take a digital picture and upload it all in a blink of the eye does not excuse sloppy practise. I wonder what the vcndor thinks?

  4. Bm196860

    OpenRent is an innovative new letting agent which uses online services to make renting your property cheaper and more convenient than ever before – while holding quality and security as our top priorities. For one low upfront fee you get………………………..

    What you pay for.

    A landlord taking their own amateur pictures.

  5. claris

    Maybe it’s reflection, of how things are going. Perhaps the property is the fairest of them all. Ah to be a mirror on the wall!


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