Picture of the Week: Purplebricks invites you to feel the love

Picture of the Week: And in a first for EYE, it’s a mission statement.

Spotted yesterday on Twitter, we are unusually lost for words.

We can only advise our readers to feel the love – although the immediate “Pass me the sick bucket” tweet in response didn’t seem to quite enter the spirit of things. That’s not very affectionate!


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  1. LovePropertyBiz

    I think he harbours a secret desire to become an American style TV evangelist!

  2. Thomas Flowers

    The words of love from the new messiah.

    How about:

    ‘If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed’.  Adolph Hitler

    1. drakeco75

      Comparing Purplebricks with Hitler…. come on

      1. Thomas Flowers

        I am not drakeco75

        I have actually suggested that this’ love one another’ post was somewhat reminiscent of a well known religious leader born in Bethlehem.

        What I have considered is that many things said in the past are as relevant in the world today and are often used by many to emphasise a point.

        How about these  two Churchill quotes:

        ‘Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.


        ‘Always be on your guard against tyranny, whatever shape it may assume’.

        Do these quotes apply to any corporate networks, portals or agency associations today?

        History, whether war, peace, political, religious or business has a tendency to repeat itself?



        1. PeeBee

          You’re on a hiding to nothing. Mr Flowers.

          Those that ‘know’ your true meanings and intentions need no explanation from you.

    2. dompritch134

      Did you really just post that?


      What a strange person you are, presumably the same flower with the pathological obsession with hounding the PB customer service ladies.


      Very odd!

      1. Property Pundit

        There’s only one poster on here with a pathological obsession of PB!

        1. dompritch134

          The harrasment on twitter is really borderline now, it seems to have been taken to a new level by the certain group of very bitter and angry people.
          They really should be careful of how far they are pushing it as has been shown that potentially it can be a criminal offence.

  3. Curious george

    aw, that’s nice.If only Zoopla and Onthemarket could show this love as well. Rightmove has been showing this love for years every time they shaft us with a price hike!



  4. esales7895

    Best put your fees up …. Service costs

  5. Typhoon

    Pass me a bucket!

  6. AgencyInsider

    The zeitgeist would hold that this is ‘inappropriate language’ and he should be castigated and vilified in the press and on social media.

    Oh, wait, that’s been happening anyway.

  7. Paulfromromsey87

    It will happen.  My prediction is the day before hell freezes over!

  8. GeoW10

    Charming….Absolutely Charming. (wish i had an appropriate emoji)

  9. GPL

    **** Off!

    Love to Hate You!

    Live to Hate You!

    Mr Lova Lova

    Help Me!



    Purplepric…… oops, can’t do that one!

    I feel Queasy!



    …..just some of the New Range of T-Shirts, Stickers & Badges that I’ll be launching soon!

    Further suggestions Welcome :-)))

  10. GPL

    Damn…I forgot Valentines Day again!


  11. GPL

    Pooperbricks! ……my new range of Doggy Poop Bags!

    “Scoop up your loved one’s Poop with Pooperbricks Pooperbags”

  12. AgentV

    Does anyone honestly believe the owner believes this?

    If they did they would surely try and increase everyone’s respect by declaring their Fee to Completed Sales Ratio (FACS)…in effect what proportion of listings they don’t complete a sale on.

    😉 BSOS23PC

    1. Property Pundit

      The longer they won’t release this one figure that we all want to learn, the less their credibility and the less likely we are to believe any figure. Why delay? It will come out eventually. December 13th seems to me to be the ‘put up or shut up’ moment; their chance to set all us ‘knockers’ right. If it is 80%+ (as previously stated on the record), I will never say another bad word about them BUT if it’s around or less than 50% (I suspect we won’t be told if this is the case), they should expect a massive ****storm on here and social media.

      Perhaps dompritch134 will give us his ‘educated’ guess?


  13. htsnom79

    It can only be 45-60%, this would be comparable with market leaders in any town, the 55/40 wastage is not sellers who elect to go elsewhere ( a small portion are ) it’s sellers who for one reason or another don’t move, difference is we don’t charge the non sellers but charge the successful sellers particularly outside of London, only moderately more to compensate vis a vis a purple bricks model, we move plenty of people at full fee who have had free attempts in previous years, I suppose the next few years will see what the market wants, common sense should dictate that people navigating a complicated and nuanced process should want and see value in an experienced navigator, especially one that only survives if they do

    1. htsnom79

      And in this day and age, that Michael Bruce quote/advert is just creepy


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