eMoov asks the question – ‘Any reason why you wouldn’t want to list with us?’

It might be what is called a rhetorical question. Or it might be a way of eMoov getting a response from potential new vendors.

“Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to list with us today?” it asks.

EYE couldn’t think of anything witty to put in the box, other than the obvious: “Because our house isn’t for sale.”

However, someone who shall be nameless unless he chooses to out himself told us that he responded with: “Because you’re not real estate agents.”

And before you ask us, we don’t know how eMoov responded.

However, anyone who did list with eMoov in the last few days may well have bagged themselves a free premium listing worth £120 in an offer that closes tomorrow night. And that’s on top of a flash sale last week offering a £100 discount.


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  1. Henry_Pryor

    I’m no apiarist but if I were Inspector Quirk looking at the open windows in this screenshot I’d have a wild stab at the ‘nameless’ individual. Consider the evidence;-

    Clue 1 – He has PIE as his home page so he can ‘buzz’ back & leave yet another comment..

    Clue 2 – PurpleBricks customer feedback page to monitor ‘stinging’ customer experiences..

    Clue 3 – An interest in properties in Blyth.. A ‘hive’ of activity, I’m sure but there can’t be many contributors with more than a passing curiosity for this part of the North East.

    Members of the jury, how do you find the yellow and black stripped defendant…?






    1. smile please

      Here he is Mr floppy hair himself! 
      Banging on about the low standards and individuals on eye but only comes on here to spout bile himself.

      1. AgencyInsider

        That’s it smile please, make every effort to welcome HP (if it really is him).
        I for one would like to see Pryor on here. Sure, he’s opinionated and you might not like those opinions but if he’s here and engaged then we can challenge those views.

        1. smile please

          It is him.
          He only ever comes on here to put others down or have a pop.
          – You obviously have never tried conversing with Henry before, he does not engage, he does not qualify his views. He actually has very little to say.
          What he is good at is retweeting other news stories.

        2. PeeBee

          “…if he’s here and engaged then we can challenge those views.”
          Actually – you can’t, AgencyInsider, because you’ll be thrown straight into the pond with the rest of the anonymous bacteria he has no time whatsoever for.  Your own opinion won’t get a look in.
          AGREE with him, however – you’ll have just made yourself a friend for life…

    2. StephenJury

      You asked for the Jury? Also worth having a look at the URL for landing. From a purplebricks search. Probably cost eMoov £6 for that click

      1. Robert May

        £6 you say?  If I have 6 machines on a single IP is that one click or 6? Under what circumstances does the £6 get charged again and again and again?

        1. smile please

          Up to 3 times (from Google direct) 
          If you then do another search and click that 3 times you can go back and do another 3 clicks on the original and so on 😉

    3. El Burro

      Stinging experience?
      Interest in North East property?
      Yellow and black stripes?
      Anybody for a chorus of ‘Every Breath You Take’?

      1. PeeBee

        Trust me – more Jimmy Nail than Sting, El Burro…

        1. El Burro

          Ah, so you’re the one who bought Crocodile Shoes Pee Bee!!

          1. PeeBee

            Someone had to, El Burro… Someone had to.

      2. Robert May

        Watching an estate agent doing their job properly and honestly might be a bit dull, although there are a few who could do with whatever help they can get

    4. PeeBee

      Hmmm… seems I’m in the dock due to an awful amount of circumstantial evidence there, Mr Pryor!
      1. EYE is NOT my homepage.
      2. That is the TRUSTPILOT page, Mr Pryor, not PBs customer feedback as you put it – although Purplebricks seem to have quite a degree of control over what people see – or more importantly DON’T see…
      3. I have an interest in property in general – ESPECIALLY where I find anomalies, inconsistencies and falsities.  I usually have a full line of pages open at any single point in the day – that could just as easily have said “Chiswick”… “Dunfermline”… “Neath” or “Belfast”.  More coincidence than prima facie evidence I would suggest – but a good detective might well be able to find my dabs in a very good chippy on the beachfront, I will admit…
      4. From your opening argument: “I’d have a wild stab at the ‘nameless’ individual.” There it is, members of the Stephen Jury – the reason behind Mr Pryor’s accusations.  Anonymity. Something he clearly abhors – because he can’t then claim Top Trumps in some way, shape or form.  He’s one of those people who can’t or won’t acknowledge that it’s not WHO makes a comment or expresses an opinion that matters in the least – it’s WHAT the comment or opinion is!
      5.  I never ask EYE to keep my involvement in sniffing out a potential ‘story’ – but I never ask for credit either.
      I’m not even going to beg for leniency. Send me down for the maximum term – I’ll do my time quietly.
      Just don’t think that being ‘caught’will stop me reoffending…

      1. Frown Please

        Don’t upset Pryor! He will be the next Donald Trump. (If it is from an anonymous source it must be fake!)

        1. PeeBee

          Frown Please – Mr Trump’s modus operandi at the minute seems to be a desperate reliance on #alternative_fact – which, if Mr Pryor wished to clone his own actions from those of a barmy bloke with ridiculous hair (NO comment!) then he certainly wouldn’t be the first or only person in the property industry to be guilty as sin in that respect.

  2. PepeM

    Many reasons, but not least, looking at their current rate of listings, they could well be the first big online causality.

    1. Beano

      Deciding who might be the first to go isnt quite as EASY© as you think.

  3. Robert May

    If I were asked the question “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to list with us today?”

    You have delegated the selling of property to the internet and with a  micro fraction of 1% presence on the internet (0.2%) it is down to luck that anyone would ever see the listing. Paying anything at all to  have  listing on the internet when the intention is to sell is simply madness.

    It takes about 250 applicants on a register to yield  the required numbers of viewings to secure a sale, you don’t have the fundamentals of estate agency and so at best your service is scatch-card selling, a lottery.

    When supermarkets offer loss leaders the losses are confined to a few low value items, not the whole shopping basket. I can’t see how continually listing properties  for less than the cost of listing them will ever produce a profit so wonder when investor patience and cash will run out. If that point coincides with me listing my property with you I would be concerned I have parted with a wad of cash, won’t find a buyer and will have to employ a proper estate agent who has the commercial good sense to run their business for profit.

  4. Thomas Flowers

    Could the answer be in the question?

    “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to list with us today?”

    How about: Before I pay you £795 upfront. I need to understand the risk of losing this money.

    What is your listing to completion %?

    In any gamble you surely need to know the odds?

    1. AgentV

      So right…..it should be compulsory to reveal this information if you are charging an up front fee. Otherwise you cannot claim to save anybody anything! In comparison you must take into account a £795 fee if you don’t sell with a £0 fee from a NSNF agreement.
      I would suggest that the NAEA should follow through this proposal to create a fairer playing field for estate agents with online listers. Shouldn’t that be part of their remit…..to improve the transparency and public perception of the industry? I would suggest……….

  5. Blue

    Because l don’t want my property ‘listing’… l want the pants marketing off it. I want it selling not bought. I want as much money squeezing out of the market as possible. I want an expert there to ensure that any issues that arise prior to completion are quckly over come.

    Listing… £795.. ppfftt. On yer bike.

    1. PeeBee


  6. claris

    Because I am paying for you to merely place an advert on the internet and are unable to guarantee a sale, with no governing body to offer me recompense should it be necessary.

    Mr Pryor does exactly the same thing with his service. He charges potential buyers in the region of £2000 as an upfront fee whether he is successful or not. Alternatively he will do a commission deal at some extraordinary amount – it’s all on his website. People in glass houses Henry Pryor!!!


  7. Woodentop

    I would have answered “I want to use a Real Estate Agent”.

    1. PeeBee

      Are we twins, Woodentop?

      1. PeeBee

        Note to Trusty Plank:
        You missed a couple of my posts to ‘Dislike’ – need to go further up…

      2. Woodentop

        If we are identical, you are the ugly one!

  8. Robert May

    As a serious challenge….can anyone think of a reason to list a property with Emoov? I  appreciate they are the property expert of choice for “BBC, ITV, LBC CNBC, The Telegraph, City AM, The Times…”  but yacking on at regurgitate anything journos isn’t one of the qualifications I look for in an agent

    1. PeeBee

      I thought Mr Pryor was the BBCs property expert of choice – has be been demoted, usurped or otherwise shoved down the pecking order of “experts”?

  9. claris

    Now I’m laughing PeeBee, Mr Pryor an expert? An expert what?


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