Premium phone rate scam aimed at agents moves up a gear

An agent has warned that the 070 telephone premium rate scam seems to be alive and kicking, and has moved up a gear.

In the scam, callers are charged from the moment they hear the ring tone.

The ring tone is then heard for a long time before a lengthy message is heard asking you to leave a message, before the caller is told that the mailbox is full, please try later.

Martin Haigh, of Bristol firm Haigh & Sons, said: “I’m used to weeding out email enquiries from people claiming they ‘want to buy one of your properties, please call back on 070…’

“Well, this morning, I received a call from someone claiming to be from a directory who asked us to ring a gentleman back ‘who wants to buy one of our houses’. The number? You guessed it, 070…

“I asked the caller to ask the interested party to contact us directly as we were not prepared to ring such a high-costing premium rate number.

“I also asked the caller, who had a ‘European’ accent, to give me his own contact details – but he didn’t seem to know what his own telephone number was. How convenient.

“My advice: don’t be fooled into ringing anyone back on an 070 number. If they’re genuine, they’ll ring you.”

In this scam, calls can cost many pounds a minute.


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  1. Peter

    I am happy to provide help and assistance in how to avoid getting caught up in this type of scam; my number is 07077 12345

    1. Trevor Gillham

      Hi Peter, you are offering a bad service, I have called over 10 times now and all i get is a lengthy message, please can you call me back on 0 7044 540506.

  2. seenitall



    haha very good   a nice smile to my day  !!


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