Property Partner launches new bidding platform for shares in property

Property Partner is allowing everyday investors to trial a new bidding system for property shares.

The website aims to be the ‘stock market for property’ and allows people to invest in buy-to-let from as little as £50.

Until now the main innovation touted by Property Partner above other crowdfunding sites was the ability to ‘offer’ your shares for sale and get your money back early – potentially at a profit.

Daniel Gandesha, CEO, said: “Until now, our secondary market has been one-sided, rather like an estate agent’s shop window. Investors have been able to offer their property shares for sale, without knowing for certain what potentially buyers would be willing to pay for them.

“Now, people looking to invest on Property Partner’s unique secondary market can set a bid price for each property they are interested in. Sellers know that if they reduce their offer price to that level, the trade will be made instantly.

“Whether you are bullish or bearish on UK residential property, this new bid functionality allows you to take your view.

“This is a big deal for us, because it provides our secondary market with the same essential trading characteristics as all major equity and commodities markets – namely, full transparency of buyers’, as well as sellers’, intentions. It takes us one step closer to our ultimate goal, that of being a global stock market for residential property.”

The company, which has previously raised over £20m from prominent UK venture capitalists, this week celebrated passing the milestone of 8,000 signed-up investors. While it has recently made some support staff redundant, it said that its ambitions remain undented.


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  1. surreyagent

    once they take their ‘management fees’ I am not sure how anyone can get a decent return??? what happens when the market next takes a drop and you want to sell your shares? how do they value them on the value of the property or the rental income??


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