Rightmove announces that traffic has set new records – up 22%

Page views on Rightmove, for both sales and lettings, on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day were at new records, up an astonishing 22% on the same days in 2014.

Rightmove said that it had its busiest-ever days over Christmas and New Year.

On Boxing Day, there were almost 31m page views, rising to 44m on December 30, when New Year hunters looked as though they were really hitting the sales.

This morning City analyst William Packer, of Exane BNP Paribas, said the uplift in Rightmove traffic was “a substantial out-performance versus Zoopla”, whose traffic was down 1% between September and the end of the year.

He went on: “As a reminder we have argued the competitive dislocation between Zoopla and new entrant OnTheMarket would further strengthen Rightmove’s market leading position with agents and consumers.

“We expect this growing traffic advantage at Rightmove to drive improved pricing power as we head into 2016 . . . we see sustainable double digit revenue growth due to Rightmove’s must-have status with agents.”

He added: “Rightmove have not reported to the market since July 2015, and we expect a positive update in February.

“We rate Rightmove outperform; Zoopla neutral.”


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  1. Neilw

    I feel it is about time RM are challenged on their stats. I for one did not see a 22% increase in enquiries over the festive period…quite the reverse. Looks to me to many sad people bored with nothing to do so they surf property portals.

    I have already challenged them on their stats and asked them to tell me how many unique hits they get. I personally and one member of staff check RM and others daily to monitor competition. Multiply this by all the offices doing this and their are thousands of hits per day not related to genuine enquiries.

    The same goes for telephone leads if you look closely at their weekly stats the same number can appear 4+ times until they realise the local number they call is in fact not the Agents actual number. I can therefore discount at least 50% of their stats as not being genuine leads.

    Taking all this into account the cost per lead is far above their marketing pitch and in my mind an abuse of information leading to gross mis-selling

    1. Property Pundit

      “We expect this growing traffic advantage at Rightmove to drive improved pricing power as we head into 2016 . . . we see sustainable double digit revenue growth due to Rightmove’s must-have status with agents.”

      Translation: Because we’ve had so many dreamers and people bored out of their mind looking at rightmove over Christmas, you fees are going up.

  2. PeeBee


    ,,,IF people needed any reason whatsoever to seriously consider dropping you like a stone, your latest site-changing f*ckwittery (credit: Jonnie) goes an awful long way to ticking the box!

  3. PeeBee

    Lies… damn lies… and portal ‘traffic’ (credit: EVERYONE with an ounce – sorry, 28.3495 grammes – of common sense…)

    1. Digital Expert

      How is this renown PLC lying about their performance, Peebee? Quite a statement. Unless you mean their traffic is meaningless. In which case why are they so successful and deliver so much business?

      1. Woodentop

        Actually someone the other day was harping on about cost/lead generation and this time Neilw was spot. Anyone who believes they deliver so much business need to take a long hard look at what they are getting. 22% increase hasn’t materialised into an increase in sales has it? or do you have inside knowledge to the contrary as I and many agents can testify, leads didn’t increase at the coal face in relation to their claim and what matters is the sale we get in any event i.e. leads per sale and not per click that do not generate  a lead, let alone a sale! You fell for the RM propaganda.

  4. Stevie

    So neil has two people on rm most of the day “monitoring” other agents success and we all know we all look so the numbers are pumped up by a lot of you but mostly by the likes of neil! for Gods sake haven’t you anything better to do like actually being an Estate Agent for your clients rather than your boss!! Surely you know if you look after your own business success generally begets success and whilst its helpful to have an awareness of your competitors you really should be looking after what you can effect and not what affects you


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