Whoops! Should this be in the listing?

Here is what a home hunter may find to be one of the most baffling listings on Rightmove.

A £130,000 terrace house in Stockport, Cheshire, is on the market with Countrywide firm Bridgfords and was added on Saturday.

But it looks as though someone at the branch inadvertently included an internal note: “No internet advertising until May 30th on notice with Tongs”.

For the uninitiated, this appears to be a reference to local agent Ian Tonge.

Agents would know what it means – but what on earth would the average punter make of it?

It’s here



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  1. AndrewOverman

    No internet advertising? Why specify Internet? Presumably then they were actively advertising whilst notice was being served to the original agent, there leaving the client exposed to potential dual commission liability!

    1. AndrewOverman

      *therefore (excuse typo)

  2. clarky46

    Classic! It’s got everything: disregard for vendor client’s position, poor attention to detail/bad training (who puts a note like that in the advert area??) and here we go again it’s Countrywide. They’ll start to feel persecuted soon as so many of the articles on here involve them 😉

  3. PropertyManagement

    The property wasn’t added to RM until the 30th so presumably the note was used they obviously just forgot to remove it before pressing the button to go live.

  4. Woodentop

    Does this mean that they were advertising “off the internet” before the end of the withdraw notice? Answer on a postage stamp, please.

  5. Woodentop

    i.e. shouldn’t it read “No advertising” ?

  6. Typhoon

    Come on guys even Countrywide staff are human!! Mistakes do happen!

  7. smile please

    I think the majority of us have used ‘Low Key’ marketing while another agents contract expires – But for Countrywide highlights why they should get secretaries back in branch as opposed to a national admin center.

  8. Sally Jones

    Come on guys . . . everyone makes mistakes!! This is nothing more than a comment to inform everyone that the property must not be marketed until the 30th May and when that time came the comment was accidently left on. I don’t think it was an attempt to charge dual agency commission. I think some in-house training is all that is needed, although I would question that front photo, unless of course its been cropped for this article!!!

    1. Woodentop

      I do wonder if your right. Take a look at listed RM 30th May, its a different photo (note the window lintel) to above which suggest predate 30th photo was being used for advertising? Do you really believe this was a mistake, we all have experience of how some countrywide agents behave.

  9. Fair point

    Well said Sally! Everyone makes mistakes.

  10. Client1st

    Wouldn’t life just be so much easier for everyone if we showed some respect for our clients and colleagues. Notice periods are there for a reason. We have a number of local agents who ride rough shod through agreements. It reduces our industry’s credibility where our word should be our bond.


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